Expert Mold Testing and Remediation

In one comprehensive step we destroy mold, neutralize toxic and allergenic mold byproducts and inhibit mold growth in the future.

15 year transferrable warranty.

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15 Year Transferrable Warranty

The products and techniques we use are so advanced that we can guarantee our work.

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Return home the same day

No dangerous residues; instead Spore Buster leaves a harmless antimicrobial to protect your family against mold and is safer than household bleach!

Our treatment process alone is fast, efficient, and thorough.  Surface mold can be addressed in a matter of minutes which means less “downtime” for your home or business.

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Safe and Proven Effective

Our safe, biodegradable formula has provfen effective enough to kill anthrax, but is safer than bleach, and no harmful residues are left behind.

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Minimal Demolition

Minimal demolition: Our trained technicians pinpoint any mold infestations in your wall cavities.

We create a plan for solving the problem with as little demolition as possible.

Return Home Same Day

Return to your home in just a few hours.

We guarantee our work.  You have the peace of mind that we offer a 15 year transferable warranty.

The products and techniques we use are so advanced that we can guarantee our work.

Discovered by the world’s best scientists, and refined by pharmacology and medical experts, SPORE BUSTER is the FOREMOST EXPERT in eradicating mold.

Did you know that many chemical warfare agents are derivatives of mold toxins? We offer the most advanced and comprehensive mold remediation protocols ever developed, using the same technology developed for the United States Military to combat chemical warfare.

Lab and field tested for several years, we offer the only technology of its kind that can specifically kill mold, spores, without damage to peripheral substrates such as paint, carpet, textiles, electronics, or furniture.

What is unique about this clear liquid solution is that it is EPA approved, eco-friendly, non-flammable, non-corrosive BUT vicious on mold?

It is our cutting edge delivery systems, our products have comprehensive coverage characteristics that ensure that every tiny crevice will be treated ensuring we will make your home or facility cleaner than a hospital operating room!


We address all areas of your home or facility, the contents, HVAC and even the carpeting.


Perform a mold assessment.


Identify the source of the mold and what must be corrected.


Determine the scope of work to remove the mold and repair the area.


Prepare a quote and present it to the client.


Isolate the work area to protect unaffected areas.


Remove and discard contaminated porous materials.


Clean remaining materials or high-value items.


Treat the area with an anti-microbial agent.


Rebuild the area, correcting defects that led to the problem.


Perform a mold clearance test.

Frequently Asked Questions

I think I have a mold problem! Where do I start?

First if you feel that you have a MOLD problem in your house don’t “panic”. Bring in Spore Buster to determine what type of problem you may or may not have. You always want to keep these steps in mind:

1) If you have a moisture problem, have it corrected.

2) A Spore Buster professional will need to be brought in for testing and evaluation of proper mold removal. You need to know what you have in your home, or business. This person will prepare a protocol or procedure, addressing where the fungal growth is & how much is present. Once this is addressed Spore Buster will take place to return the structure to acceptable healthy Indoor Environmental Conditions.

3) Documented Clearance Testing is done to make sure the MOLD Spore Count has been reduced & Healthy Indoor Environmental Conditions have been returned to prior MOLD Intrusion. We use certified mold and living organism laboratories so you can be sure you have the most professional testing for your peace of mind.


So what is mold?

Mold is considered a sub-group of the Fungi Kingdom and can be present on clothing, carpet, gym mats… even the air we breathe!

Mold produces spores that are extremely small.  These spores can become airborne and TOXIC!


What about insurace coverage?

It is always helpful to know if your potential MOLD Loss is covered by Insurance. Even though our procedure and application is not that expensive some jobs that need remediation could be an expensive and tedious process, and is not to be taken lightly. Find out from your Insurance Agent if you have coverage. We can assist you with your insurance questions.

What Do I Do If I see MOLD On My Wall?

Keep in mind if you think you see MOLD on the walls of your structure don’t disturb the area until you are sure of what it is. A developed MOLD Colony is the last thing you want to touch. If you try to wipe off the wall you will actually be spreading MOLD Spores throughout the area. MOLD likes to grow on Cellulose based materials, like sheetrock. If you see a patch of MOLD, it is just best to leave it alone until you have an expert determine what is growing.


Couldn't I just use bleach?

Bleach alone is not enough to solve mold problems.  It is a short-term fix which provides minor relief from the visual appearance of mold, and does nothing to neutralize the mold toxins and inhibit future mold growth.  Bleach can be a harsh chemical, corrosive and harmful to delicate surfaces, fabrics, and everyday household items.

At Spore Buster, we use a comprehensive approach.  Our product has tested strong enough to kill anthrax BUT is safer than household bleach!

Not only do we strive to kill the mold, we also neutralize the health threats of mold by-products, and inhibit the ability of mold to grow back for years.

What Will Spore Buster do when you get here?

MOLD eradication is a very careful process. Spore Buster will come in and take all the necessary precautions. If determined that eradication needs to be addressed than Full suited Technicians are brought in with HEPA Air Scrubbers and will exasperate the affected structure. The whole point of proper MOLD eradication is to eliminate all infected areas of a home or building. MOLD eradication can be taken care of with a product that is 100% Bio Degradable and be exasperated after 8 hours of application compared to traditional remediation construction which can take weeks. Call 888-9-BUSTER to talk to a Spore Buster professional today.

Why did I get mold?

Mold has been around since the beginning of time.  Seems to be in the last 15 years mold has become stronger and more toxic while making it harder to eliminate. Scientists have found mold is used generally in some form in everyday life for people (ex. Medicines, food).  Some molds are toxic and could possibly be harmful to people, especially if found in abundance in confined indoor environments.

MOLD generally appears in homes, buildings, etc. due to some form of uncontrolled moisture intrusion.  The moisture source can come from leaks in the plumbing, hot water heaters, roofs, basement seepage, etc.

Mold is not always visible.  It is tiny spores/organisms that attach to most anything.  Usage of common cleaners can make a reaction to mold/living organisms colonize to create a living hazard.

If mold is not treated properly, the spreading of the mold could be detrimental. Products used by Spore Buster eradicate the antigens, not just the spore of the mold/living organisms, giving you peace of mind that you and your family are safe and mold free.

Due, to the construction practices of the last 30 years, MOLD truly has found a “home” in people’s everyday lives. From the way the structure is designed to the materials used in the construction, MOLD is here to stay. They call it the next Asbestos.

Another reason why MOLD has come to the forefront in current events is due to public awareness of health issues, media, legal suits brought up by attorneys & scientific research. Mold eradicating works with the proper products used to prevent mold growth BUT not just a shield or mask.


How do you solve my problem?

How we solve your problem

We attack mold in a number of ways:

  • Dehumidification: We can eliminate the moisture that is feeding the mold.
  • Spray/fog application: Effectively killing substrate mold and airborne spores.
  • Negative Ventilation: Vacate any excess product.
  • Bio-Reveal Testing: On-site testing to ensure the mold has been rendered non-viable.
  • Lasting Inhibitors: Invisible layer of protection that stops future mold growth.
  • Non-Damaging: Does not harm walls, floors, carpeting, electronics, paint, house wares.Typical mold services charge many thousands of dollars to take care of a job like this. They will demolish and remove almost all the non-structural building materials, attempt to kill the mold, and then attempt to encapsulate using a form of paint.Spore Buster saves time and money. Our technology requires minimal tear-out.In one step we kill mold, neutralize toxins, and warranty against mold re-growth.Let our staff develop a plan that will solve your mold, bacteria, or infectious disease problems. We will eradicate the problem and protect your colleagues, family, athletes and customers from environments that often harbor harmful pathogens like MRSA.So who you going to call? Spore Buster 1 (888) 9BUSTER
Is Spore Buster mold prevention safe for my family? And my pets?

Revolutionary new technology, based on recently declassified government research.

Once applied, extremely safe to people, pets, fabrics, leather, plastics, and electronics.

Kills all bacteria, viruses, mold (including mold spores) on contact.

Can be applied to surfaces which have dirt or loose debris. Perfect for the average construction site.

EPA approved for porous surfaces, with special technology to penetrate and treat even the most porous materials.

Kills odors, everything from smoke to off-gassing of paints, stains, and other building products.

On both hard and soft surfaces, from walls and counters to carpets, upholstery, and drapes, Spore Buster kills mold, sterilizes, and treats against future mold growth all in one step.

Extremely cost-effective. Protects the builder from future claims, while protecting their customers’ checkbooks.

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